Larger home extensions scheme ending on 30th May 2019

Thursday, 14 February 2019 00:00

The Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 makes provisions for less bureaucracy with some proposal that fomerly required planning permission. Essentially before this there were two options: design something that falls with Permitted Development (PD) (eg 3 metre single storey rear extension on terraced/semi house, 4 metre on detached) or design something outside the PD criteria and need to apply for planning permission, which could be refused.

Currently there is a third option for single storey rear extensions that are over the PD limit of 3 metres terrace/semi & 4 metres detached but under 6 metres on terraced/semi and under 8 metres on detached. As part of the process your neighbours are notified and if your neighbours have no problem with it, it is permitted. 

This "neighbour consultation scheme" has been running since 30th May 2013 but ends on 30th May 2019 (time extended from 2016). Unlike planning approval timescales, this date is for when the development needs to have been completed. If you have undertaken a development via this scheme, it is important that you notify the Local Planning Authority that the development has been completed before 30th May 2019.



  • "Despite an uphill struggle with the planners, we persevered and have a fantastic home to show for it, thanks for all your help"

  • "Fantastic work, thank you. You made the application seem a doddle!"

    AlanN. Cornwall
  • "Thank you so much for your hard work, support and perseverance! We really do appreciate your determination and professionalism which has, in no doubt, ensured the success of the planning application."

  • "I honestly thought we would have more trouble in planning, but nothing, thank you very much, it looks great!"

  • "Clear detailed plans from start to finish, extension looks superb, Thank you"


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