It's a question often asked, "how much will it cost?"

You want to know if you can afford what you are proposing to do, but often need plans drawn up before accurate costings can be given. So you need to commit finances to get to a stage where builders can give detailed quotations before you even know if its feasible. Is there a way round it? Not really...

If the recent drought/floods have taught us anything it is that the weather is completely unpredictable and that you can have months of no rain as likely as you can have months of rain. By storing rainwater when it does fall, you can continue using rainwater long after the last rain and hopefully, if the storage is sized to meet your needs, will see you through to the next deluge.

The new website goes live! Finally, ArchitEXE has a fresh modern well designed website, which hopefully relects the ethos of buildings that ArchitEXE has designed over the years. Thank you to my Web Designer.



  • "Clear detailed plans from start to finish, extension looks superb, Thank you"

  • "I honestly thought we would have more trouble in planning, but nothing, thank you very much, it looks great!"

  • "Thank you so much for your hard work, support and perseverance! We really do appreciate your determination and professionalism which has, in no doubt, ensured the success of the planning application."

  • "Fantastic work, thank you. You made the application seem a doddle!"

    AlanN. Cornwall
  • "Despite an uphill struggle with the planners, we persevered and have a fantastic home to show for it, thanks for all your help"


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