Hmm, cavity wall insulation; I've had several clients ask me about it and I am very wary of the long term implications. I think in most buildings it should be ok but is very location dependant, if a house is in an exposed location and/or suffers at all from external damp problems, cavity wall insulation can potentially exacerbate this problem, acting like a sponge, restricting ventilation and keeping the moisture in.

I feel now more than ever that the key specification feature with all buildings whether extensions, new-builds or refurbs is insulation, its a false economy to not spend money here.

R.I.P. The Dining Room!

in Design
on March 12, 2012

The dining room is officially extinct! Kitchen are now never just kitchens, but a hybrid kitchen/diner or kitchen/breakfast. I feel these names just cling onto bygone room definitions, so I now design houses around two important communal rooms - a day room and an evening room, or some might feel that mayhem and sanctuary rooms are more appropriate names!



  • "Clear detailed plans from start to finish, extension looks superb, Thank you"

  • "I honestly thought we would have more trouble in planning, but nothing, thank you very much, it looks great!"

  • "Thank you so much for your hard work, support and perseverance! We really do appreciate your determination and professionalism which has, in no doubt, ensured the success of the planning application."

  • "Despite an uphill struggle with the planners, we persevered and have a fantastic home to show for it, thanks for all your help"

  • "Fantastic work, thank you. You made the application seem a doddle!"

    AlanN. Cornwall

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